Horoscope for Today

Horoscope for Today

Horoscope for Today. Today’s astrology forecast for december 16th and we have huge astrological  news today the main headline of not just    uh of course today this week this month but it’s  actually one of the headliners for this whole year and that happens to be uh saturn planet of  karma responsibility restriction uh it moves into    aquarius for the final time this cycle it will  not be in aquarius for another uh 29 and a half years.

So this is really really big news because  saturn uh saturn and pluto are the two planets    that have been the underlying theme or tone  for 2020 so saturn moved into aquarius uh for the first time this cycle back in march and  it stayed there for a few months and then it    turned retrograde and then it’s been retrograding  ever since july through capricorn.

Today saturn    finally finally stays in aquarius for the  next two and a half years and so what that    means is that saturn is the planet of as i said  karma responsibility boundaries duty discipline    time rules regulations authority and the  thing with saturn it does get a negative wrap  and for good reason but if we work hard it  makes us work hard that’s the first thing    and if we can rise to the challenge which we  really have done this year then uh the rewards    will be really big and life will be better  i know that sounds pollyanna-ish that’s not my intention but that’s typically what saturn  is about and you know saturn is lord of time    and time means karma past present and future so  you know saturn is about limitations.

It’s about as i said restrictions um and you know boundaries  for humanity when it’s in aquarius because the    sign of aquarius is about humanitarianism it’s  about equality it’s about thinking outside the box it’s alternative ways of being and so that’s what this is going to show us over the next couple  of years is we have a new normal as cliche  as that sounds and so this is the time to  um not just not just get on board with it  i mean we’re forced to there’s no choice    uh but when you know saturn’s been traveling  together with pluto this this past year 2020    pluto is the planet of change and transformation  but it’s forced change it’s metamorphosis.

So we’re now with you know saturn firmly in  aquarius now you know we’re we’re looking at    what life is outside of what we’ve known it to  be so sat in an aquarium excuse me saturn in    capricorn where it’s been for most of 2020 and  then of course the previous two and a half years    has been all about structure and rules and  regulations but now things are different .

You know aquarius is the visionary of  the zodiac so that energy is very sudden and  aquarius is very not just um head in the clouds  but very much there’s a groundedness to our ideasat this time and you know beyond so it’s  it’s like with saturn in aquarius it’s about questioning the status quo it’s about not  doing the way things have always been done.

It’s about making these big changes on a  permanent level um you know there’s innovation there’s excitement there’s brilliance there’s  futuristic thinking scientific breakthroughs    technological breakthroughs we might find over  the next couple of years that we’re rapidly seeing  uh changes in science and technology and we need  it obviously we need it given the year that we’ve had uh and you know saturn and aquarius can be  very tumultuous as well.

So it’s like it’s hard    to let things go sometimes but this is what saturn  and aquarius will be doing over the next couple of    years it’s all about improvement um it’s also  about sort of eccentric individuality too so uh    you know but there’s a concrete reality around  it because uh aquarius is ruled by uranus but its ancient or co-ruler is saturn so saturn’s very  happy here in aquarius so that’s really good news    saturn is the ruler of capricorn.

It was really  happy in capricorn but it’s actually it continues    its let’s say it’s happiness not that saturn’s  a planet that’s happy i don’t see that but it’s like it continues being okay now that it’s  hooked up with aquarius so there’s a level of as i said practicality sensibility uh there’s hard work  involved but i mean look what we’ve been through already so it’s nothing that we won’t be able to  handle but we could just look forward to these um maybe radical in some ways breakthroughs  that are sorely needed at this time

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