Horoscope For Today

Horoscope For Today

Horoscope For Today. Astrology forecast for november 25th so we don’t have any major uh aspects today but what we do have is the moon forming a um. Let’s have a look here the moon forming a conjunction to mars so yesterday i talked about moon chiron mars coming together in aries and being able to heal our wounds.

Take action around the things that maybe we’ve been carrying around with us for a while but as the moon moves away from chiron and conjuncts mars there might be some like impatience or frustration or anger that comes about it’s a really good day to have some sort of physical outlet to release any type of pent-up energy because the moon will be uh heading towards a square with jupiter saturn and pluto.

So it’s important that um you know we don’t come up against authority just for the fun of it or just for the heck of it it’s important that we pick our battles at this time you know many of us will be feeling quite courageous and brave.

Just pick your moment really and with mercury you know still in scorpio it’s about we want to get to the truth of something but again it’s like you think through is it really worth it sun in sagittarius means that you know there could be some dogma or righteousness or um you know standing on our soapbox but um maybe this is not the time to do it as we’ve only got like five more days before the lunar eclipse uh happens in gemini uh which will all be about social media.

The media and communication so just be aware of what you what you’re saying at this time and not rush into something with this moon mars conjunction.

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