Horoscope for December 2020

Horoscope for December 2020

Horoscope for December 2020.   Your monthly horoscope for december  so what a year 2020 has been omg this is definitely going to be a year that goes down  in the history books as one of the most tumultuous intense rollercoaster like transformative years of  all time so we’ve just had i’m not going to recap we we know what’s happened you don’t need to hear it again from me uh definitely the twilight zone.

so we’re ready for a bit of a rest uh but  2020 is not quite done with us just yet we are in eclipse season after all which always  heralds some kind of change and shift and so this december eclipse uh happens to be in the  mutable truth-seeking sign of sagittarius and is conjunct mine planet mercury so solar eclipses are  supercharged new moons so focus on what fantastic new intentions you want to have come about in 2021  and make them happen and things of the sagittarius theme include travel growth expansion exploration  adventure spirituality uh and fun with a capital f so we may have to come to grips with learning  that our truth is not the whole truth with this particular eclipse and that’s actually a good  thing.

Sagittarius you know the energy of this eclipse can be quite self-righteous and a bit of  a zealot and so with this eclipse uh also squaring up to subversive neptune we’re challenged to look  again and then to pause and to reflect and realize that we might actually not be correct in our  theories and ideas and assumptions so admitting that we don’t know or that we’ve made a mistake  is a very adult thing to do so accepting others views is even more of an adult thing to do  and creates a more peaceful loving society overall when we can do that so this is even  more important because saturn and jupiter head into humanitarian aquarius this month  so that means freedom so freedom from limiting beliefs from our homes.

Of course if you’ve  had a lockdown freedom to improve society and be better overall for humankind and just remember  with great freedom comes great responsibility so what causes will you fight for this month and over  the next year what rebellions are important to you what battles will you choose to pick and so on  so december is a season for sniffing out the truth from lies for standing up for what you believe in  and for finding and expressing our own individuality and developing philosophies  that make sense to us it’s the season of tolerance and of justice and of merriment and  freedom so on a more personal level there’s a full moon in cancer on the 30th.

So you  know releasing the past releasing the events of the year and embracing home family and more  importantly your tribe finding your tribe that’s what all these energies are about as well so it’s  a time for closing the door for polishing special memories and of deepest self-care it’s a time for  forgiveness so there is a square between mars and pluto and that might be the final integration that  needs to happen around issues of power and control for this year so whether that’s professional or  personal as well as collective so it’s uh not foreign to you you know these demons well we all  do.

By now we know how to deal with them and finally the best thing about december well  we don’t have the dreaded saturn pluto death and disaster conjunction like we did last year so  i mean this this previous year so what we’ve got this month is the jupiter’s saturn conjunction and  that happens on the solstice so what that means is that marks a really really big turning point so if  you’re in aries for you this month it’s growth travel expansion pure freedom are on the horizon  for you whatever will you do with these cosmic gifts that is the question taurus for you tread  lightly in love and money things can get slightly intense but not dreadfully so it all starts making  sense toward the end of the month for you and then into the new year gemini for you relationships so  many important shifts what do you really really want so make a move this month and remember to  keep it real and authentic cancer for you tend to full moon.

Lets you process your emotions  release all the yuckiness from the year and give yourself a fresh new start in life and in love  leo a solar eclipse in your romance zone opens the karmic doors for love to come in so give yourself  over to passion virgo for you could be time to pick up roots and place them. Somewhere else  there’s no rush take your time and reflect before reacting this month  libra for you good communication is absolutely key and don’t let anyone trample all over you  december is a time to open your mind as well as your heart scorpio for you this month saturn and jupiter.

For you excuse me scorpio  shift into your home sector heralding a positive new phase of growth and change as well as  extra responsibilities sagittarius for you this month.

The eclipse is in your sign and it spells  long-term phase of personal change as well as relationship changes so get ready for it sag  capricorn for you it’s the start of your birthday month so what are you going to wish for  and it’s okay to be materialistic given the year that you’ve had  aquarius for you saturn and jupiter head into your sign so this is quite possibly the biggest  phase of life yet for you and the transformations may come in thick and fast and you will love it  pisces for you december reminds you to go within and the greatest growth that’s going  to happen for you is not going to be seen by others so go within and don’t be afraid  more information or more in-depth information for your zodiac sign for this month

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