Gemini and Cancer 17th-23rd May 2021

Gemini and Cancer 17th-23rd May 2021

Gemini and Cancer 17th-23rd May 2021.Let’s start the horoscope.


May 17, 2021 – May 23, 2021 – This is a big week for you, Gemini. First, Venus signed your sign Saturn at Aquarius on Wednesday, encouraging your heart to continue having fun. This feature can help you discover new passions or learn more about your loved ones. Play with your style, read, and have fun!

Your season officially starts when the sun enters your sign on Thursday. The next four weeks are a great time to meet new people, share your thoughts, and keep it there (especially when it comes to dating). Just make sure your clever mouth doesn’t get you in trouble, Gemini.

That’s especially true when Mercury is in your Neptune sign squares in Pisces on Saturday. Misunderstandings at work can lead to great confusion. Do not let your imagination run wild. Remember to think before you speak or you may damage your reputation.


May 17, 2021 – May 23, 2021 – Collaboration makes the dream come true when the sun in Taurus takes Pluto to Capricorn on Monday, making it a great day to work with friends on a project or business or for one purpose. You can achieve great things if everyone works together.

On Thursday, the sun sets in Gemini and shines its light on your private space. While everyone seems to be coming out in the open, you will be taking the step back to focus on your needs. The next four weeks are a time of healing (such as treatment, Reiki, or thank-you notes). Keep yourself uncut all over the world.

Finally, be careful who you trust when the sun sets over Jupiter in Pisces on Friday. Don’t feel comfortable with someone or you can let go of your precautions and let some important information come out. It can lead to a problem later on, Cancer.


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