Capricorn Horoscope for Today

Capricorn Horoscope for Today

Capricorn Horoscope for Today. Today Sunday there is a wonderful sextile of the Sun with your ruler Saturn, an aspect  of 60 degrees between the two, very favorable.  You are in the midst of a highly emotional tone that can prompt you to make crazy decisions  that are alien to the sensible nature of your telluric sign, you know, so proceed accordingly.

In love, a lot of flexibility, listen, pay attention, do not be blind to reasoning.  If you organize yourself well, you will see how everything that seemed impossible or difficult  to you becomes easier.  There is a very strong and intense tone in your horoscope and that is why you tend to  be somewhat anxious between today Saturday and tomorrow, which is your zodiacal day.  Relax, do not rush, circumstances are turning favorably towards you.  NOW WE WILL TURN TO THE ASPECTS OF HEALTH, MONEY, AND LOVE.

You feel in control of many aspects of your emotional life that you have been neglecting,  and therefore should not be thrown away with emotional reactions.  Do not lock yourself in a stubborn attitude that would only cause you to distance yourself.  Give in, love is worth it, Capricorn.  Today’s astral biorhythm.  Sexual energy level this Saturday.  means, medium.  Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of.  your organizational capacity and objective way of seeing reality.  Today’s dangerous trend in your Capricorn sign.  use ironic words with loved ones.  What should I avoid?  sentimental manipulations.

Couple prediction for today Saturday.  The best relationship today.  This Saturday, things will go very well for you if your partner is an earth sign, especially  Virgo and Taurus, also with Cancer and Pisces.  The tensest relationship.  you may have difficulties in relation to Sagittarius or Aries.  Your current compatibility.  very good with water signs such as Cancer and Pisces and excellent with earth, especially  Virgo and Capricorn.  If you are single.  Do not call yourself a self-deception, no matter how long you live with a person, you  will never know everything about them.  IN THE HEALTH.  Your presence of mind, objective ability to see reality and equanimity will be the key  factors that will help you maintain your health and inner balance during these difficult times.

AT WORK.  There are good work waves in your environment, although initially certain setbacks occur  that cause irritation thinking that what you were going to do this weekend you will not  be able to do.  Take everything sportingly and you will see how you transform a negative situation into  a positive one.  ON MONEY AND FORTUNE.

The intuitive clarity of your telluric sign and your administrative capacity will help  you channel your ideas and efforts in an appropriate direction that attracts to your life the money  that you are needing to carry out your financial affairs, Capricorn.  AND THE COLOR FOR TODAY IS Green.  AND THE LUCKY NUMBERS FOR TODAY ARE. 34.  41.  12 and 27.  AND THIS WAS YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY

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